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VineForecast leverages your vineyard operation through digital support. Identify infection risks early, find individual strategy and manage all operations digitally.

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The platform for your vineyard operation

VineForecast lets you focus on decisions instead of gathering information and getting bogged down in paperwork.

Document all work in your vineyards in seconds and save valuable time. With VineForecast, documenting crop protection and fertilization goes from being a painful to an on the fly job.

You know today what will happen tomorrow. VineForecast's intelligent disease forecasts allow you to assess infection conditions for your entire fields and plan crop protection on a data basis for your vineyards.

You always have your operation under control. With VineForecast management, every employee knows when and where he has to complete which task. Where has spraying already taken place? Which vineyards show damage? Who is taking care of them? You keep the overview even in stormy times.

How many weather apps do you already have on your phone? VineForecast automatically compares 40 different weather models per vineyard for you and condenses this data into a comprehensible winery forecast including information on forecast reliability. Instead of comparing weather apps, you now get all important information quickly and easily via one channel.


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Forecasts for your entire vineyards

Weather influences almost all decisions and activities in the vineyard. VineForecast helps to keep an eye on weather and disease development centrally via one platform.

Weinbau Software


Digital field record - administrative basis

Thanks to the simple visualization via the map, you always keep track of your vineyards. Document plant protection and fertilization measures in just a few clicks for the entire farm and save valuable time.


Our viticulture app allows easy management of all work in the vineyard

Organize your vineyard digitally and manage all pending tasks on a central platform. Record damage via GPS, pre-plan tasks, assign responsible persons and track all activities in the vineyard.

VineForecast Weinbau Software

Flexibly assemble your individual vineyard operation software

Every winery has different requirements and needs. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to compile a software entirely according to your needs.


You select the functions you need for your business. Book and cancel them flexibly.

Farm size

The prices are individually adjusted to your operating area. You pay only what you manage.

Billing period

Try everything for 30 days for free. After that, you can pay monthly or annually.


Climate physicist, developer and business economist

We are a team consisting of climate physicists, software developers, agricultural scientists and business economists. With us, development takes place as a team. Our customers have been at the center of further development since the beginning and can actively participate in deciding what happens next. Together we want to contribute to an efficient and sustainable management of your vineyards!

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