The crop protection app: A forecasting system for your entire farm area

The VineForecast crop protection app creates disease and weather forecasts for each individual field in your vineyard. This way you are always up to date and can optimally protect your vines from weather hazards, infections and infestations. The VineForecast vine protection app supports you in effectively preventing powdery and downy mildew and optimally protecting your vineyards from infestation.


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The crop protection app creates infection forecasts for each field

Effective plant protection through the modelling of infection conditions

Mit der VineForecast App helfen wir Ihnen, Infektionsrisiken frühzeitig zu erkennen und den Rebenschutz effizient zu planen, indem wir für jeden einzelnen Weinberg die Infektionsbedingungen für Peronospora und Oidium modellieren. Sie erhalten mit Hilfe der Pflanzenschutz-App jederzeit Auskunft über das aktuelle Infektionsrisiko, egal wo Sie sich aktuell befinden. 

Phenological development for different grape varieties

The VineForecast crop protection app uses various growth models of different grape varieties to calculate the current phenology. Stay informed about the growth stages and the current condition of your vines - from budding to fruit ripening. You can also easily adjust the model with your observations from the field.

Recommended action (beta)

Get constant information on how long your vineyards will be protected from infection and when the next measure is needed. By using VineForecast regularly, the recommendations are constantly improved.

The crop protection app delivers high forecast quality even without weather stations in your vineyards.

No weather stations are needed to implement the forecasts in your vineyards. With the help of the VineForecast Vine Protection app, you can simply create your vineyards on your PC or smartphone and obtain all forecasts immediately. This way, you can always stay up to date for your entire farm area via one platform.

Machine learning

Machine learning enables the VineForecast crop protection app to calculate forecasts for your fields without having to install weather stations. Through regular use, the app learns to recognise patterns.

Detect variations

Our approach creates independence from weather stations and enables the detection of site-specific variations. In this way, you receive information that is individually tailored to your plants.

High quality

The infection forecasts of the VineForecast crop protection app achieve identical statements to those of the weather stations in 85-95 % of all cases. Thus, the VineForecast app delivers high-quality forecasts - without weather stations.

The crop protection app offers weather analyses for optimal decision making

Comparison of different weather models

40 weather models are automatically compared twice a day by the VineForecast crop protection app for each of your fields. This saves you the tedious and time-consuming comparison of different weather apps.

Precipitation analysis per vineyard

The VineForecast crop protection app measures the precipitation per field, based on radar measurements. Filter how much precipitation there was in which period and thus determine, for example, whether your vines are optimally supplied.

Spraying weather for each vineyard

The VineForecast crop protection app also analyses the current conditions for spraying for each vineyard. Find the optimal time for the next spraying measure, specifically for your plants.