Forecasting system for your entire vineyards

VineForecast forecasts create disease and weather forecasts for each of your vineyard's individual lofts.

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Infection forecasts calculated for each vineyard

Modeling of infection conditions

Infection conditions for Downy and Powdery mildew are modeled for each individual vineyard (gray mold coming soon!).

Phenological development for different grape varieties

VineForecast uses different growth models of grape varieties to calculate the current phenology.

Recommended action (beta)

Get information about how long your vineyards are still protected. Regular use of VineForecast will constantly improve the recommendations.

High quality even without weather stations in your vineyards.

No weather stations are needed to implement the forecasts in your vineyards. You can simply create your strokes on the PC or smartphone and immediately obtain all forecasts.

Machine learning

Machine learning allows to calculate forecasts for your strokes without installing weather stations.

Detect variations

The independence of weather station, allows the detection of variations due to location.

High quality

Compared to weather stations, infection forecasts achieve identical results 85-95% of the time.

Customized weather analyses for optimal decision making

Comparison of different weather models

40 weather models are automatically compared 2x a day by VineForecast for each of your vineyards. Spare yourself the comparison of different weather apps.

Precipitation analysis per vineyard

Per vineyard, VineForecast measures precipitation based on radar measurements (Germany only). Filter how much precipitation there was in which period.

Spraying weather for each vineyard

For each vineyard, VineForecast analyzes conditions for spraying. Find optimal spraying times for the next application.

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