Digital operating system for wine

In the VineForecast OS, you can digitally record all vineyards and properly document work.

Schlagkartei Weinbau

Plan and document plant protection

Complete plant protection documentation (free)

In just a few clicks, you can properly complete the documentation of your last sprays. At the end of the season, export the documentation as a PDF for your records.

Calculate plant protection mixture

Calculate the desired plant protection mixture on your smartphone or PC for VineForecast's plant protection calculator in seconds.

Keeping an eye on the copper account

You know at any time how much copper you can still apply to which vineyard this season.

Automated resistance management

Thanks to the interactive resistance management, you always know which active ingredients you can still use.

Manage fertilization in your vineyards

Planning fertilizer requirements easily

Perform your requirement planning according to official estimation frameworks (Germany) within VineForecast and keep track of how much fertilization is still allowed.

Complete fertilization documentation

Document fertilization in just a few clicks and save yourself time-consuming paperwork.

PDF export for your records

Export the complete fertilization record at the end of the season, including nutrient balance and fertilization measures.