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Die Gründer von VineForecast

VineForecast - a AI based decision support system in viticulture

VineForecast, that's Paul and Richard Petersik, two brothers from the Berlin area. We have made it our mission to promote sustainable viticulture with digital solutions! The result is VineForecast - a new forecasting system that is affordable for the individual winemaker and provides accurate disease forecasts.

Viticulture in transition - lack of digital support!

Fungal diseases in viticulture are strongly influenced by weather and are one of the main factors for crop losses. In addition, they are cause for plant protection measures. Due to regular precipitation during the growing season, infestations and regular application of plant protection products are frequent in Germany.

In early detection and prevention, winemakers make decisions primarily based on their wealth of experience. Digital forecasting systems for Downy mildew and Powdery mildew provide only limited support. Public weather stations are usually too far away from your own vineyards. On the other hand, the purchase of a system for own forecasts is too cost-intensive for the individual winegrower. In addition, there are the costs of applying the plant protection products.

The solution - cost and time efficient as well as ecological!

With VineForecast, we are developing an affordable forecasting system for the individual winemaker. Furthermore, we are working on weather-optimized spray schedules for downy mildew and powdery mildew (beta) based on the forecasts. No expensive weather stations or sensors in the vineyard are needed for implementation. Instead, we rely on weather data and self-learning systems (machine learning) to create an early warning system for possible infestations of the fungal diseases in the vineyard.

In contrast to the known systems, VineForecasts can make accurate forecasts and reveal small-scale variations in the diseases. Forecasts are currently made for the fungal diseases downy mildew and powdery mildew. The interactive user interface also allows our forecasts to be adapted to the specific phenology of the vines in a vineyard (keyword - oidium window!).

Why did two people from Brandenburg come up with the idea of developing an app for winemakers? Find out in our other blog articles about the founding team.

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