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Richard Petersik

Richard Petersik is one of the founders of VineForecast. Currently he takes care of pretty much all business issues from marketing to accounting. His business studies and the experience he has gained will certainly help him. If you contact VineForecast, he will also be your first contact person and gladly answer your questions. 

Richard about himself

I have a great enthusiasm for the topic of start-ups. My business studies at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen laid the foundation. In addition, during my first semester, I took on the position of board member in the area of finance at the social start-up association Enactus and in the following year I became chairman of the association's board. Here I was able to take my first steps towards implementing my own projects.

Driven by a great enthusiasm for the topic of start-ups, I went to Warsaw for a semester in September 2018 to the Warsaw School of Economics, a renowned university for business administration and entrepreneurship. During this time, I gained valuable experience, which I was able to actively consolidate in practice in various stations between 2019 and 2020. Among other things, I assisted in various medium-sized companies in business management.

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Make a sustainable difference with VineForecast 

Nothing excites me more than working on my own project. My goal is to create added value that balances social, ecological and economic components. After I already had many project ideas in my head, but discarded them again, my brother Paul introduced me to the concept of VineForecast in 2019.

This time I knew immediately: I want to be part of this project! VineForecast is an innovative software that forecasts plant diseases at an early stage (currently on grapevines, soon to be extended to other crops) and is designed to support more targeted use of crop protection products. It also helps users with overall management in the field. When Paul and I first talked about VineForecast specifically in 2019, we set a goal with VineForecast:

A world in which the use of pesticides in agriculture is reduced to a minimum through smart and viable technologies.

Specifically: It is important to us that every interested party can afford VineForecast and that the application should not fail due to too high acquisition costs or the support effort.

Passion for sports, wine and music

Away from the professional world, I deal a lot with the subject of sports. I play soccer myself, try my hand at darts and follow any sport, from cycling to basketball. For a year now, I have also started to produce songs with my laptop and a keyboard one or the other evening with a nice glass of wine. 

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